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I find myself in disbelief lately that it has been 2 years since the “world closed” for COVID. 2 years of restrictions, of being that first industry to be closed and the last industry to open with each lockdown.  Two years of collaborating with other owners in my industry to try and get a seat at the table with the government to help educate them on what we do and how it could be done safely.

When I look back at the leader I have become and the companies that I now lead, I am in awe of the adversity and sheer raw will that I exerted to still be able to say I am still standing here before you today will all my companies in tact and dare I say, ready to thrive.

Change For The Better

I have had the chance to connect with several business owners over the past few weeks and I have had a question on my mind that I wanted to ask.  Now that we have made so many changes in our businesses to pivot, to shift,  to adapt and modify, which of these changes are actually for the better and are here to stay?

I asked Wendy Bates, owner of The Hair Lounge this question:

The pandemic opened up opportunities for my staff and myself too have more day time scheduling. 

Before the pandemic our career was mostly evenings and weekends, which we all know takes away from family time. The pandemic has allowed us to shift our evenings and weekends to day time and open up our scheduling from 9am- 9pm.  

If the pandemic has shown us anything it was to slow down, spend more time with family/friends and really take in all that life has to offer. To be able to participate in both your passion and your family is an amazing gift of work/life balance.

What Shifts Have You Made?

Wendy and her company saw some huge shifts in how she looked at the way she ran her business. The pandemic caused her to challenge her belief systems and amazingly she has found some fantastic advantages. What shifts did the pandemic cause you to make that have been for the better? What advantages have you come up with as a result of having to reexamine business as you know it?

As always I am here to help you get to the next level in your business. 

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