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Tara Pickford

Tara works with her clients to develop comprehensive solutions to relieve their business stress and improve the overall health of their companies.


Tomorrow's Leaders

Tara Pickford is a speaker, author, and serial entrepreneur. As the owner and CEO of Ambition Performing Arts, Classion Designs, and Pickford Consulting, Tara spends most of her time raising tomorrow’s leaders.

Tara’s focus is on both the arts and providing direction and mentorship to business communities. Tara dedicates her life to teaching others how to be more and to reach further. When not mentoring, speaking, advocating, or consulting, Tara can be found teaching a dance class or spending quality time with her family in Airdrie, Alberta.

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Too many business owners are exhausted and unable to give their best to any part or their lives, business and family included. 

Are you the on-site, on-call manager in your business? Become the CEO of your business by learning the tools and processes you need in place to become the leader with a legacy you were meant to be.

The magic lies in small bite size learning modules with hands on coaching and accountability that is ready and waiting for you. Together we will build better systems, improve company culture and create a legacy for your family.

Published Works

Have you dreamt of running your own school from the first time you tied your ballet shoes, played or sang a note in music, or earned a karate belt? Of course, as teachers and instructors, you know your craft. But running an academy takes a different set of skills, and not every business consultant understands your unique industry. In Teaching Ambition, Tara Pickford shares what she has learned from the trenches. Tara grew her performing arts franchise to three locations before she realized that it was too soon to scale up without the right systems in place. Drawing from 25 years of experience, from watching staff take her clients to another studio to getting hit by the figurative bus in her personal life, she offers valuable guidance and powerful exercises to help you:

If you own a tuition-based business or aspire to run a school or studio one day, Teaching Ambition will provide you with the accurate, practical, and industry-specific tools you need to make your vision a reality.


Tara and Pickford Consulting provides top notch coaching and consulting to business owners of all sizes. Tara's experience and knowledge in her own businesses helps her to provide practical and applicable coaching to all her clients. I love working with Tara to help grow my gusiness!
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Meghan Gordon
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Tara is incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, and driven. It is always a pleasure working one-on-one with her on business projects and brainstorming ideas. I am very grateful to have met Tara and worked alongside her in several of her business ventures. If you are looking for someone who offers creative approaches, strong relationships, and complete honesty, then Tara is your person!
Tara is a genuine, from the heart, share it like it is coach. She is passionate about seeing others succeed and will stand behind the process of supportive growth in areas of life and business. Her sound business practices are detailed and thorough and her leadership is a gift!
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Christine Slaymaker
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