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Too many business owners are exhausted and unable to give their best to any part or their lives, business and family included. 

Are you the on-site, on-call manager in your business? Become the CEO of your business by learning the tools and processes you need in place to become the leader with a legacy you were meant to be.

The magic lies in small bite size learning modules with hands on coaching and accountability that is ready and waiting for you. Together we will build better systems, improve company culture and create a legacy for your family.

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Tara Pickford is a Performing Arts Studio owner, costume & dress code company owner, International Speaker, published author, certified MTJGD Coach, and serial entrepreneur in the Dance industry.

Having all the right systems in place is key to growing your studio business. Pickford Consulting has helped hundreds of business owners realize better systems and a more aligned company culture with business and life goals.

Her vast experiences in multiple industries provides an unparalleled opportunity for highly-effective one-to-one coaching.

She seeks to share her knowledge to help other business owners improve their business acumen and their company culture.

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Pickford Consulting has helped hundreds of business owners realize better systems and operations to build a more supportive company culture.


Let's Do This

Using 10 x 60 min sessions, the world is your oyster. we can rebuild several systems, work on a business plan or build out robust processes and so much more!


 Overhaul A System

* Most popular package

In 5 x 60 minute sessions we can pull apart a system and revision the possibilities while we rebuild it for growth and sustainability 


Bi-Weekly Coaching

2 x 60 min sessions every month, with regular coaching and accountability, ensure that you will achieve your goals to become the CEO of your business.


Hourly Consulting Rate

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"Life is messy and we all have a story. You need to be able to give grace not just to others but to yourself.
You need grit to make your dreams happen, no one does it alone."

Tara shares her story of rising from the ashes of a failing dance studio business to being a community expert and visionary in the field. Now a serial entrepreneur, she shares details from the trenches of her dance studio, costume and promotions business as well as her consulting business.

Audiences appreciated the candour with which she shares both the grit and grind, as well as the gratitude lessons she has learned along the way as she has worked on becoming a community partner, raising tomorrow’s leaders through the arts.

Tara Pickford
Tara on stage
Tara Pickford

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While change may be the only constant for your business, it is equally true that some things about your business never change. One of these is that you need to run a business or want to start one because it will provide you freedom, independence, growth and profit. As a small business owner, you know this and it's why you are here.
Now, how do we make sure that your key foundational elements are always in place? While speaking with dozens of small business owners every day I've come to notice that there are four (4) foundational elements that are important no matter what the industry or the stage. Once they become the reference points for measuring your success, then the changes you make to drive growth will truly be transformative.

What are these four elements?


real talk about where you are and what you need
setting goals and having to discuss reaching them
eliminate overwhelm and anxiety about what to do next


make decisions with all the information
understand your purpose, plan and responsibility
lead your company with confidence and focus


create processes for all aspects of your business
build a business that you own, it doesn't own you
get the answers out of your head and into tools that help your team


improve your existing systems and delete what doesn't serve you
develop your business to stay at the top of the market
review processes and financials regularly to improve decision making
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