We have been talking about the overwhelm that can happen in your schedule.  

How can you possibly get it all done…

Kids to school, lunches, dinner, driving to activities, laundry, homework, oh and YOU HAVE A FULL TIME JOB TOO!

Part 1 discussed scheduling EVERYTHING. Setting down Sunday night and putting it all in your calendar.

Part 2 challenged you to get intentional with your time using DEDICATION DAYS

Part 3 we learned about  TIME BLOCKING

Today we are going to put it all together.

The old me never had a plan, I wanted to be free to take advantage of the opportunities that came my way.  This led to me always putting out fires because I failed to plan, which led to planning to fail. No longer am I that person. I have finally understood that scheduling does, in fact, lead to the freedom to create. I am more creative now that I give myself time to create and it is not interrupted by something I failed to plan for.  My old mindset led to me never having a handle on my workload and having my business happen to me instead of me happening to my business. 

Part 1 – THE SUNDAY NIGHT PLAN: schedule it all!

  • Methodically assign each waking hour and all commitments. 
  • Work meetings
  • Work projects
  • Work tasks
  • Workouts
  • Meal prep
  • Driving time for meetings
  • Driving the kids to their activities
  • Reading books
  • Education for myself
  • Time with my partner
  • Schedule downtime – so I can feel good and not like I should be doing something else


By dedicating each day of the week to aspects that get pushed aside, you can ensure things never get left without attention for too long.

  • ​​Marketing Monday: has everything to do with all the marketing required in your business. Take time to plan campaigns, measure the success rates and revamp as needed.
  • To-Do- List Tuesday: use this day to run your errands and get all the little things done that take up a lot of time. This would include trips to the bank, office supplies, vendor meetings offsite etc.
  • Website Wednesday: use this time to ensure that all of your online offerings are up to date, that your website is up to date, LinkedIn listings, Google business listings, phone messages, automated systems with automated replies, etc.
  • Thoughtful Thursday: use this day to review any education that you are enrolled in, commitments that you have made to create content, read books or articles that are invaluable to you and your business, and brainstorm what you need to do to take yourself to the next level.
  • Financial Friday: use this day to review balance statements, profit-and-loss sheets, and bank accounts, pay bills, pay attention to accounts receivables, and ensure budgets are being managed.


  • Schedule into your calendar one time slot EVERY DAY where there are no interruptions. 
  • You turn off your phone, no emails, no texts, just you and the project at hand.  
  • You need to inform your team that during this time period you are just not available. 
  • You have to build the muscle to stay focussed and disciplined enough not to check email or messages.
  • Just you and the project at hand. Then stick to it!

By using this time-blocking method, you will ensure that the tasks get done with detail and to the level of satisfaction that will provide positive outcomes for your business.

As always I am here to help you get to the next level in your business. 

Reach out for a free coaching appointment with me to see how we can work together to transform your business.
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