We have been talking about the overwhelm that can happen in your schedule.  

How can you possibly get it all done…

Kids to school, lunches, dinner, driving to activities, laundry, homework, oh and YOU HAVE A FULL TIME JOB TOO!

Part 1 discussed scheduling EVERYTHING. Setting down Sunday night and putting it all in your calendar.

Part 2 challenged you to get intentional with your time using DEDICATION DAYS

Today in part 3 we are going to talk about TIME BLOCKING

Time blocking means that you build the muscle to work for significant periods of time WITHOUT INTERRUPTION!!  Hear me out. Can you imagine how much you could get done if no one bothered you for an hour, what about 90 minutes!  What if that happened 5 times every week!!??

 You would have a superhero kind of week with that type of opportunity!

Schedule into your calendar one time slot EVERY DAY where there are no interruptions. You turn off your phone, no emails, no texts, just you and the project at hand.  It takes work to be able to make this happen, it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to inform your team that during this time period you are just not available. You have to build the muscle to stay focussed and disciplined enough not to check email or messages. Just you and the project at hand. Then stick to it!

By using this time-blocking method, you will ensure that the tasks get done with detail and to the level of satisfaction that will provide positive outcomes for your business.

Join me again next week for the fourth part of this series on getting your time in order.

As always I am here to help you get to the next level in your business. 

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