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Lately, I am being asked, how do you do it? I have little kids at home and I am just struggling to get traction.

First of all – loud cheers and hollers for those growing businesses with littles at home, you are unsung heroes in the business world.  Growing a business with littles in tow is a huge undertaking and you cannot do it without support systems.

When I had littles in my home, I struggled hard to get anything done.  Between getting up early or staying up late and grinding during nap time, there was never enough time in the day to get to everything. So I see you and understand the hopelessness of it all.

The post is to talk about Seasons in Life. There are some seasons where the grind is easy, pre kids – no one to worry about but yourself.  This is an easy time to grind and the long hours feel easy because you are passionate.

Then perhaps a partner enters the picture and you learn how to make sure their needs are met and the relationship is strong all the while working hard daily for your goals and dreams.

The toughest season is when there is a baby in the picture.  That season stays tough until they go to full-day school.  You may get a  small reprieve with half-day programming, but you will be setting aside the long hours of the grind for the long hours of raising a little human that can’t yet tell you what their needs are.

Once those kids head off to full-day school you might start to get in some good hours every day moving the needle, but those little humans are on you like glue when school is out. 

Another season I have experienced is with an ill parent.  Then your life takes a different direction, you grind what you can to be where you are most needed.  This is another tough season, helping to carry another loved one’s heavy load, to lighten theirs.

All this to say, your life has seasons. Seasons where the grind is all about you, seasons where the grind is working alongside a growing relationship and seasons where you stop grinding at all and give in to the little love you are growing or you change the grind to be where you can have the most impact for another.

You need to have the space and grace to give yourself what you need depending on the season you are in. Have the courage to say, I can’t right now, but I will when the time is right.  There is no right or wrong, only when the time is right for you <3

As always I am here to help you get to the next level in your business. 

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