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17 Tips on How To Choose a Dance Studio

Finding the right dance studio can be a daunting task.

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There are so many studios out there, and each one has its own style of teaching and philosophy on how to teach. It’s hard to know which one is best for you! But don’t worry – we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of questions that will help you find the perfect fit for your needs and goals.

With our guide, it’ll be easy to find the perfect dance studio for you! Take this quiz now and get started on finding your new favorite place in town! 

1. Allows Learning at Your Own Pace or Ability

Some dance studios cater to all levels of dancers, while others have strict prerequisites. Think about how you feel learning a new skill or choreography. Does it stress you out, or is it something that motivates and excites you?

– If your answer was “something that motivates and excites me” then maybe a school with no preconditions is the better choice. You can start at any time you want and there’s no pressure to be good at anything if you aren’t ready for it yet. 

– If your answer was “something stressful”, a studio with prerequisites might be the best fit. A studio like this will make sure everyone entering their doors are on an even playing field – so one dancer isn’t being challenged while the other isn’t learning how to do a simple step.

2.   Teaching Style

It’s important to know how you learn best. Do you prefer verbal instruction, or are you more of a visual learner? Some studios focus on one method over another – so how do your learning styles align with their teaching styles?

– A verbal style can be a lot of fun and very exciting but may not work for everyone in your family! Visual learners might need extra time to process the information they’re learning and should consider a school that spends less time verbally going through everything (they’ll likely want instructors showing them how to do it first).

3.  Location & Parking

The easiest part of choosing a dance school is how close it is. But how easy will it be to find parking? Does it have good public transportation access nearby, or do you need a car for the commute? Are there street sweeping days in your area? 

– If you’ll be driving from outside of the city, how late are their classes? Will you always get home after dark and how safe do you feel in that neighborhood after sunset (or during any other hours)?

4.  Classes & Times

Another easy part of choosing a dance school is how many classes they offer each week. Pick one with plenty of options so everyone in your family can choose something that works best for them! Also remember to think about how much homework might set in if you choose a class with an additional rehearsal every night.

5.  Teachers & Students

How well do their students and teachers get along? Do you want to feel comfortable and accepted in your new dance studio? How does the environment make you feel? 

– Does the culture of how they learn look like something your child will enjoy? Are there a lot of stigmas around how to dress or how one should act at the studio (i.e. no wearing jeans, only ballet shoes allowed)? 

6.  Studio Space & Material

It isn’t easy to find a space that feels comfortable for both parents and kids once classes are underway – especially when you can’t try it out first! If you’re looking for a place to hang out before and after classes, how big is the waiting area? Is there space for parents to sit while their kids dance or do you have to stand around?

7.  Other Dance Programs & Activities

Do they offer other classes that interest you (or your child)? How about special events like workshops on how to choreograph dances, how to teach students, how to pick costumes, etc.? The more offerings a studio has, the more likely everyone will stay engaged in the world of dance!

8.  Costs & Payment Plans

Think carefully how much money will realistically fit into your budget but don’t skimp by going with a cheaper option if it’s not a good one for you and your family.

– See how they prefer to be paid and how often (monthly, biweekly, or weekly) – do you need to pay in cash or can it be by check?

9.  Feel

There are many other factors that probably aren’t surprising: how clean the studio looks and how quickly instructors help students who might struggle with a particular class as an example. These things are important but don’t necessarily reflect how your family will feel about being there! I’ve heard from parents how much just walking into a new studio space with its smell, lighting, and general vibe made them feel. It’s helpful if the space feels like somewhere you’d want to spend a lot of time; where learning is fun for everyone involved.

10.  Teacher Experience & Teaching Style

How long have the instructors been working there? Do they feel like people who care about how well each student learns and how to fit classes to their needs, abilities, interests, skill levels, etc.?

11.  Kids & Safety

As you’ve already started looking for a dance studio in your area, how many studios had this question listed as one of their main concerns – how do they ensure that every child is safe while on or off campus at all times (including in the parking lot)? And how do they make sure everyone has a good time without pushing anyone out of their comfort zone? 

– How clean is the bathroom facility? Are lockers available for kids to use while they’re at class? Is there a place for jackets and shoes? 

12.  Performances, Other Events & Classes You Might Want

Have you had a chance to see how a performance is run (not just the show itself but how it’s managed backstage)? Do they have classes for adult students interested in learning how to teach dance? Do they offer workshops on how to pick the best dance shoes or how to care for them properly? The more options available, the more likely everyone will be able to stay engaged with their love of dance!

13.  Social Media & Website

How much do their social media posts reflect how you feel about being somewhere – what does their Facebook page look like filled with? What do you see when you visit their website (or how long does it take to load)?

14.  How To Get There & Surrounding Area

Figuring out how to get there and how accessible the area is for parking or other needs can be a big deal – especially if your child might have special issues around managing transitions, time, how they’re feeling that day or how tired they are. If there are no sidewalks available how would kids cross the street safely with all their belongings? How far away from home is too far away? Before heading into this kind of planning phase with your family it’s always best to check that your prospective studio is located in an area where people feel comfortable going!

15.  What Other People Think

When checking out how a dance studio is doing business it’s helpful to speak with others who’ve been around the area for awhile, asking how they feel about how things are going. Do formal complaints or other issues have official records? It can be far more difficult to sift through how people really feel than what they simply say – especially if your child could benefit from using dance as a tool in their life and while looking for a good fit, not only how you and your family feel about being there!

16.  Searching Online For Reviews & Opinions

The majority of studios will have some sort of presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter & YouTube) and most will also have a website that’s easy to find and navigate. Checking how people feel about it is one of the best ways to get a sense of how your child might feel at that studio!

17.  Affordability & Financial Commitment

How much are you looking to spend on lessons? How often are they offered? Can instructors offer any sort of student discounts for long-term commitment, how well do they fit into your budget or how willing are they to help with special financial needs (if kids need less expensive classes, etc.)? It can be hard finding out how things like this work but if these sorts of details matter hugely – start asking before booking anything! It may also be worth checking out how their tuition payments work; how flexible they are.

You’ve read about how to choose a dance studio, and now it’s time for you to give us call. We hope that we’ve helped answer some of your questions with this blog post, but don’t hesitate to get in touch any time! Our friendly team is here around the clock waiting to help you find the perfect dance school for your child or yourself. Enroll today and start dancing soon!

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