I had never given much thought to the idea of a business coach in my early years of ownership. It is silly. We learn that if you join a sports team, you will have a coach. The coach is there to help you learn the rules and the skills you need to help yourself and the team. Then somehow after we finish our formal education, are we just supposed to go through life without any more coaches? That makes no sense.

This light bulb went on for me slowly. I had joined a networking group that I loved. I was learning so much and was becoming so much more resilient in my knowledge and business acumen, but I was not seeing what was in front of me. I was in this relationship for two years before I was able to see that I was actually in a relationship with a business coach. Then I started to make all kinds of connections. 

Want better physical fitness? Hire a personal training coach.

Want healthier nutrition? Hire a nutrition coach. 

Once I started to connect all these ideas, I was able to look at New Year’s resolutions so much differently. The reason I was not getting those big goals is because I was not hiring a coach to get there. I needed the accountability and the pathway to be drawn for me. I am not meant to know all the answers; just be humble enough and clever enough to ask for help and to get it from the best places.

Want better Facebook ads? Get a Facebook coach. 

Want better finances? Get a financial coach. 

If the finances are huge and never going away, that coach may become an important and permanent part of your success team. We have health teams: family doctors, naturopaths, massage therapists, and chiropractors, etc. Why not have a business success team too? One that comprises your business coach, your accountant, your marketing coach, and everyone else that you need to be successful? We are not meant to be experts in every field. There is always someone who can shorten the distance for you to get from A to B. Seek out those people and solutions – your success actually depends on it. There is a coach for EVERYTHING.

As always I am here to help you get to the next level in your business. 

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